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Brian Chesky's New Playbook
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Brian Chesky is the co-founder and CEO of Airbnb. Under Brian’s leadership, Airbnb has grown into a community of over 4 million hosts who have welcomed more than 1.5 billion guests across over 220 countries and regions. In his podcast with Lenny, they are discussing:• How Airbnb has shifted their thinking on product management • Why bureaucracy happens in companies, and how to avoid it • The importance of founders diving into the details • Why Airbnb moved away from traditional growth channels and what they are doing instead • Airbnb’s newly released features • How and why Brian encourages his team to set ambitious goals • Why he says he still has a lot to prove

Imagine a fire chief and they don't know anything about putting out fires.
start: 36:19 - end: 36:23
That's crazy.
start: 36:23 - end: 36:24
You have to know the subject matter.
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People should aim to have as few people as possible on their team.
start: 36:26 - end: 36:29
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